Usha’s Page

Usha's page
Usha’s page

Finally, it was my turn to make a contribution for the Sketchbook. I was feeling very proud and happy. I created a collage of paintings….

From top left, here is how I made each one

  1. Background effect: sprinkled salt on wet paint, next, a series of layers of nail polish of different colors in a heart shape.
  2. Geometric: Used multiple shades and finished with gold color nail art strip tape
  3. Plastic wrap: Created painted texture using plastic wrap
  4. Beach Scene
  5. The Cat
  6. Spray paint technique
  7. Water marble effect
  8. Portrait: This is my son’s portrait, painted by my friend Priya and gifted to me. Thank you so much, Priya. Because of here, I was inspired to learn painting, and now it has become my passion and I felt able to contribute to the Sketchbook.
  9. Dipping paint, glue gun.

Usha 🙂

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  1. anne54 says:

    Your pages are a joyous burst of colour and creativity, and added so much to the Sketchbook. Thank you for being part of it.


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