Viv – an adieu

We received word a little time ago that Viv – one of ‘we women’ who had happily joined up with such a modest plan to pass a sketchbook from one to the other around the world – had passed away.

It has taken time for me to feel ready to post this small remembrance, so for her lovely family – who relayed messages to her many followers – these passing months must have been a difficult and sad time.

We all are so saddened by this – yet what a joy that a person like Viv could be met (even if only briefly) and how wonderful that she could add to this feeling that we are all connected, linked around the planet in a world that is in so much need of connection and sensibility.

Reading some thoughts from those who will have known Viv much closer and longer than I were many words linked to ‘encouragement’. This too she gave me – a stranger – her generous encouragement. To have courage, to try and to not be afraid of the result.

I knew Viv a very, very little but her poetry was an immediate connection and I wanted to record this here in the belief that Viv is in a place of glorious summer and the birds are singing and bees buzzing just as they should be.

The sun rose ─
we rejoiced to see it ─
winter miseries
on the way out, albeit
late and slow.
It didn’t get much better
as the days went past.
Some days hope rose
with the sun.
As July approaches
will summer come at last?

Alys, who recently finished her contribution to the sketchbook, also included one of Viv’s poems in her quilted images representing the things we share – a perfect tribute.

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  1. katechiconi says:

    Lovely. She’d be so appreciative 🙂
    I still have her smiling face on my Blogs I Follow list, her name is still there in my Skype contacts list and my address book, and every so often, I forget, and think “I must email Viv about that”. And then I remember she’s gone. I’ll never talk quilting or embroidery with her again, or have a ‘haiku duel’ about something, but it’s OK. She’s still out there somewhere, spreading her positive energy in the universe.

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    1. Chas Spain says:

      Thanks Kate – it is so special how connected we become.

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  2. When it comes my turn to contribute to the sketchbook, I will treasure the chance to see how Alys has incorporated Viv’s poem in the flesh, so to speak. How lovely that she’s still part of the project. ❤

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    1. Chas Spain says:

      Yes it’s a lovely thought of Alys to link Viv’s poem into the sketchbook.


  3. anne54 says:

    That’s a beautiful tribute, Chas. Like you I only knew Viv for a short time, but quickly felt that connection with her. Isn’t her poem just perfect for the end of Winter? 💕

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    1. Chas Spain says:

      Thanks Anne – yes the poem has a little special twinge doesn’t it as we wait to come into spring properly


  4. This is lovely, Chas. I’m glad you waited till you were ready to write this piece. Viv would be happy to read your words.

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    1. Chas Spain says:

      Thanks Alys. She was very special to so many people.


  5. EllaDee says:

    Lovely tribute. Viv has left a wonderful, and I think lasting, legacy among her blogging friends. I still note the absence of her presence, and have thought more than once she would probably be missing it too, so much did she enjoy her blogging community.

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