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Sandra's Eggplants
Sandra’s Eggplants

I jumped at the chance to join The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook a few months ago when I read about the fascinating concept on Anne Lawson’s blog.

Ann who is a talented botanical artist has not only bound together a book from paper ends from preloved paper for “The Sisterhood” to add their marks to, she has also bound together a group of creative bloggers from around the world, united us into a community with a common bond, the Travelling Sketchbook.

I’m the second contributor, and while I’m not really obsessed about food, it seemed that as I came to this wonderful concept through my food blog it was apt to stay on point.

I’m very proud of my artistic family. I’m the living link between my paternal Grandfather an artist of note but not notoriety (he was an stamp designer/engraver) and my gifted and incredibly creative grandaughter. I’ve dabbled with 2D art forms for my entire adult life. I turn to the camera most often because of this blog, but I love to draw, usually large strong multi media images, but sometimes a delicate watercolour or coloured pencil drawing will appear by my hand.

The words I write which are most appreciated by strangers are recipes for delicious food, so I’ll let the image of my page speak for itself.



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  1. katechiconi says:

    Yum! As soon as I’m good in the kitchen again, I’ll be playing with most of these ingredients; I need lots of fresh fruit and vegies and Vitamin C!


    1. ladyredspecs says:

      We’re big veg consumers. They are so versatile, I can always make a feast as long as there are vegetables in the fridge

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      1. katechiconi says:

        Same! Some of my most memorable meals have been along the lines of ‘open the fridge door and pull everything out and see what you can make from it’.

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  2. I love this colorful sketch. It was the first one I saw when I opened the journal/book. What a talent, right down to your lovely hand printing. Alys


    1. ladyredspecs says:

      Thanks Alys, Pleased that you like it. I’m very rusty. Once I realized being creative was never going to feed my family I turned to a more practical creative pursuit, cooking.


      1. If that is your version of “rusty”, then I can only imagine how wonderful your “best” work must be. Your sketch is terrific.

        I also admire your ability to cook. My mom was a good cook and I certainly learned the basics in school and at home, but the creative side of it never stuck. It feels like work. Fortunately my husband loves to cook. Am I lucky or what?


      2. ladyredspecs says:

        Lucky you, my husband’s idea of cooking is ordering take out…


      3. I can relate. I am lucky indeed.


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